I was challenged to create a luxury brand for a product that only a small market of people would be able to purchase. Through investigating different types of wines and cultures, I learn of Vietnamese snake wine. This wine is infused with rice, grain, and a whole snake, and is not mass-produced. Once I learned about the market of this wine, I then created a brand that would only be sold in limited quantities to those who can afford the high price tag.
Deliverables: Brand System & Packaging 

Brand Identity 
Bottle & Packaging
A fake snake texture package that pulls up to reveal the bottle that fits snug inside. This is made to protect the bottle and be able to transport it.
The custom shape bottle replicates the shape of when the snake coils up. The bottle also is dipped into a gold wax to ensure that the liquor and snake have not been tampered with.
Drinking Glasses 
With every purchase of Cobra, comes a set of drinking glasses that are dipped in a similar gold wax to the bottle and have a gold foil brand mark.
Certification of Authenticity 
Certification comes with every bottle to ensure that the buyer that they are getting it directly from Cobra The certification itself is in the same texture as the bottle case.
Shipping Box
A branded shipping box that has a gold brandmark on the front while the inside has a snake texture for an added surprise. Everything will be comfortably packed into boxes to be shipped to the customers.
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