ElevateU is a Health and Wellness program that supports and assists students with resources on campus at Ferris State University. This client already had a brand started by a previous team and my team goal was to define the brand further and expand the experience by planning events.
Deliverables: Brand System (photography), Mural, and Events
My Role: Researcher, Designer, Prototyping 
My Team: Kathern, Isabela, and Jeffery 
Brand System 
We then worked with a professional photographer to capture these images. We provided a detailed shot list, gathered models, and directed the shoot. After the original photoshoot I took the opportunity to take additional images at events on campus.
I then took the photos into Adobe Lightroom to add our custom filter with a light and bright feel to them. To exist within the brand, we decided that all images should have rounded corners.
Brand Launch Event
Our client wanted us to design the experience of an event that would lead to the official launch of the ElevateU brand on campus. My role for this event consisted of developing content for touchpoints, communicating with the vendor and the client, as well as designing and producing a mural that would be displayed at the launch event and future events.
Mural for Events
The design of the display involves content that educates the students of Ferris State University on the eight dimensions of wellness. Through a make and test trial of the designs to scale I was able to design and organize the content for the panels to provide an insightful and informative experience.
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