Through secondary research, it was found that construction workers have unpredictable income due to many factors such as Weather, economy, viruses, and becoming injured. This leads these manual workers to struggle financially due to the small window they have to work. This information, lead me to develop a financial advisor service that construction workers can trust to help them plan ahead and set up goals for those unpredictable times.

Deliverables: Core value statements, brand system, brand book, trade show, digital and print assets.

Brand Identity 
Brand marks represent the construction workers. They are able to picture themselves within the hat. The primary typeface is strong like the workers and the secondary is sophisticated like financial advisors. Colors were made to help workers connect themselves with the brand due to it being a similar color palette they see daily.
Business Stationery 
Trade Show
The booth was designed to help the brand connect with its clients during trade show
events. Banners use emotional images to trigger thought-provoking questions and that would
allow the advisors to advocate for the business and help educate the clients on how Hard Hat
is there to meet their needs.
A key component of this brand is its digital presents and how it connects to the user of the brand. Digital components should use branded imagery and message. 
Brand Manual Book
For financial advisors to understand the brand and how to use it, a brand manual was created. Here you can see what they would experience and the different applications the brand can be used in.
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