WomenWell Center is a free medical clinic that serves the South Lansing area. Through the research, I was able to discover that this area lacks clinics that specialized in women's reproductive needs, and through interviewing women I was able to identify the desire to have this clinic. My goal was to design a system that would be appealing, and functional.
Deliverables: Brand Identity, Environment, Moblie, Business Stationery, and Employee Uniform. 
My Role: Research, Design, Prototyping

Brand System
Social Media
Platforms such as Facebook and Youtube are used to connect and inform the users of the clinic. These social platforms use a illustrated banner of birth control and a profile image of the medical plus. 
A full-time doctor who works at the local hospital doesn’t have a lot of extra time to volunteer hours but still wants to give back to the community. She wants to be able to give a donation to the clinic online.
Patient Portal
A young woman recently got into her first serious relationship. She wants to know how to protect herself and wants more information on sex. She wants the ability to sign up for an appointment without having to call the clinic due to her anxiety surrounding this subject.
Inside the clinic, you will find confidence-boosting and motivational posters that users can relate to. Also, the clinic will use primary color to paint the walls and furnish the center.
This is what the clinic would look like. The outside of the building would have a sign that says the center's name
Volunteer Uniform 
All credential volunteers are required to wear prideful purple scrubs. General volunteers would wear branded t-shirt. All volunteers would have an ID card and face cover.
Business Stationery 
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